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C & D Delivery, you can trust us to handle all your delivery needs.

Providing reliable next day delivery every time!

C & D Delivery has always been about ensuring your delivery, whether big or small, your package always arrives where it needs to be. Our goal is to provide our customers with seamless and cost-effective solutions for their courier and delivery needs. We prioritize getting your package to its destination as quickly, safely and cost effectively as we can, making us the first choice for a freight service in Fairbanks, AK and the surrounding areas. We are the delivery and courier service for you!
C & D Delivery provides a range of cost effective options, including barge and air freight service to the villages. You can rest assured that your delivery, whether it is a small package or a large container or pallets, will get to where you need it to go.
We can help you there!
We offer a wide range of affordable options including guaranteed  next day delivery in Nenana, Clear, Anderson, Healy, Denali and Cantwell. Our delivery staff will see your package to its destination, quickly and reliably. Call us for delivery options and estimates.
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